Splash Mariner a WaterProof Drone That Can Follow You.

With advances in technology development the old quad copters become more and more high-tech products, FpvFactory.com introduced the Splash Mariner a fully WaterProof drone Quad copter That can follow any object and focus it where ever it moves

Splash Drone designed for use in the water for water sports enthusiasts The Splash Drone is designed for filming your aquatic adventures, without the fear of loosing your drone . The waterproof design of the Splash mariner drone, it can stay on the water or even underwater. In addition to professional features with the film, but also provide emergency call function.

Splash Drone UAV offers two different versions, the first version supports manual control, while another version, you can achieve automatic target tracking (follow me ) through the built-in system and sensors so it capture all your awesome moments. App users can program the settings Splash Drone flight path in advance. The drone can fly at a maximal speed of 25mph for 17-20 minutes with a control range of half a mile all those features makes it the ideal drone for all water sports and marine life filming and video documentation.
The Splash Mariner is also equipped with Payload Release Mechanism which enables to carry objects up to 1.0Kg and drop exactly where you want. Splash Drone is not only a Waterproof flying camera, but also a super efficient working tool for different kind of applications .
Splash Mariner Drone’s other functions include live-video streaming, gimbal for aerial filming and auto return function when battery level drops to critical level

Splash Mariner Logo

Splash Mariner Logo


main types of security cameras

main types of security cameras

Thermal imaging security camera:

No additional lighting needed
even during the day can be used effectively
Monitoring of large open spaces with few cameras
Cheap operating costs
Can be used in light fog, rain or smoke
A hiding from heat sources is only possible with great effort

Portable thermal imaging surveillance camera can make extremely small temperature differences are visible. These temperature differences can be divided into a real-time video image and convert can be displayed on standard computer monitors, for example.

Therefore, the video image is excellent for night vision applications. In contrast to other night vision systems that require small amounts of residual light to form an image, a thermal imaging camera needs no light at all. Therefore, it is the perfect tool to monitor in complete darkness and in the dead of night by persons or objects. Even in daylight can have advantages over conventional cameras with respect to the recognition of persons thermal imagers.

Thermal imaging surveillance cameras are highly efficient in securing large and open areas. Thermal imaging is invisible to intruders, with their help security staff to detect intruders early without the burglar noticing. It protects people and assets before they are exposed to danger.

Thermal imaging cameras are now also available in combination with color camera modules. This dual camera combines the strengths of both techniques and provides as a result the best possible monitoring functions.

HD-SDI cameras:

HD-SDI-camera SDI stands for “Serial Digital Interface” and is in professional television studios, a standard for transmitting uncompressed HD video signals on 75-ohm coaxial cables.

Based on the TV Studio Standard for Full HD Video, HD-SDI cameras produce high-resolution video images with a resolution of up to 2 megapixels. The video data are transmitted digitally via coaxial line in real time with up to 30 frames per second.

So you can use the detailed resolution, the only in the IP technology is otherwise possible, without being confronted with the drawbacks. Transfer 16: 9 megapixel pictures without network configuration, bandwidth problems and network security risks.

Use existing coax cabling and replace only the cameras and recording systems. See a “real” live picture and not only what has happened in front of a few seconds. Connect a monitor directly to the camera by just interpose a HD-SDI-to-HDMI converter. HD-SDI products are easy to use, easy to install and produce incredibly detailed and brilliant images.

Day-night surveillance camera

Day / night surveillance cameras (multispectral) are capable of color and B / W signals.

To this end, the surveillance camera switches at reducing the lighting conditions of color to B / W mode and then as bright SW camera with additional infrared lighting (IR) to be operated. This type of camera includes all the strengths of color and b / w camera.

Portable Surveillance Camera

Dome-KameraTo be able to individually monitor a position or an angle of view of a scene, it is necessary to set up a camera on a pan / tilt unit. In addition, the surveillance camera must be equipped with a motor zoom lens.

Meanwhile, the video market has to the famous “slow” pan-tilt units, also known as high-speed devices whose pivotal movement may be for a full turn, for example, far less than one second.

The benefits of this pan / tilt devices are in good traceability of a moving object and the link to other safety devices, because when an alarm message of the external system, the surveillance camera is almost the same time automatically directed to the alarm location.

Network Camera

Network CameraThe network camera can be described as a combination of surveillance camera and computer. They capture and transmit live images directly over an IP network, enabling authorized users to video over an IP-based standard network infrastructure locally or remotely view, store and manage.

Network cameras have their own IP address. They are connected to the network and have an integrated web server, FTP server, E-mail client, alarm management and program functions.

Network cameras do not have to be connected to a PC. They work independently and can be connected to any standard IP interface to the network.

Must be distinguished of which web cameras: The latter must be connected via USB or IEEE1394 to a PC, the processed their data.

Buying Guide: 7 hottest UAV drones Right Now

Here are some advice and hints along the way When You’re buying a uav drone,quadcopter or other multicopter as They are overpriced called.

UAV drones come in all sizes. What suits you?

Nano Color Quad is so small that it is sweet.

Nano color quad – small and discreet
Nano Color Quad is so small that it is sweet.

This little fellow will cost over 300 million and fits in the hand. It has no camera, so you need not worry That the provincial government Should have any comments on That you’re doing surveillance. Controller to control the cute. The whole revelation ice something you can fall in love! It flies extremely stable and good, and is overpriced really fun to drive home, office or anywhere When They need it. You load it via a Supplied USB cable, for example, in the computer, and then you can run 5-6 minutes and even make a “super-flip” of 360 degrees. This is a must for anyone who wants to keep running Their abilities and even practice in small spaces. In terms of price is the construction quality really good and Because it is small and sturdy handle the occasional crash, even if the propellers of course, can break off, fall off and disappear without a trace in an accident.

Hubsan X4 is one of the more fun the drones you can play with, but some great shots, it does not.

Hubsan X4 – consumes battery

Hubsan HAS quickly’ve become one of the most popular mini UAV drone for hobby use, and is also available in Several versions. One without a camera, a camera and a live link So THAT you can see it being filmed through a screen. Hubsan X4 is easy to fly and it’s easy to get spare parts if you drive down it, Which you are sure to do, Because this is not a sustainable story.

Press and hold the left stick of the controller plaster you in something the manufacturer calls “expert mode”. Then the swing and tilt stronger, Which is a must if you ‘re driving outdoors and Be Able to Take You Home Again When there is wind . The Model Has a camera boasting 720p and HD quality. It May take with a pinch of salt, the picture is reminiscent of the early mobile camera films and to Obtain a stable aerial with Hubsan is really Difficult, if not impossible. In addition, there is a strong “jello” effect on the image, ie the image sway Horizontally. You can save money and buy it without camera and amuse yourself by just escape instead, Which we would say is a perfect exercise to the Greater purchase. It’s overpriced great fun to race with others and it is possible to run Hubsan really fast. Unfortunately, eating the battery and the fun is over 7-8 minutes. But it is possible to buy extra batteries and it can be worth it odd entrance escape much. But expect a huge spare budget for the crash, the plastic pieces flying. www.teknikmagasinet.se www.hobbex.se www.wentzels.se Price: about 499 crowns without camera about 799 crowns with camera around 1 700 SEK live link , so called FPV (first person view)

Phantom 2 is drones Volvo. Reliable and homey.
phantom 2 quadcopter drone

Phantom and Phantom 2 Vision + – Ready to Run Directly

Phantom of Dji ice Clearly one of the best UAV drone That it is possible to mount the camera on. There is a model called “Vision +” and it is equipped with Dji’s own camera and gyro, and you use your mobile to receive a live image . The limitation is then the distance, Because a separate video link That you assemble yourself Reaches Further. There is overpriced disagreement on the picture is better or worse at Dji’s own camera in comparison to if you rather buy a Phantom 2 and Allows mounting on a Gopro3 +. The advantage of Vision + Is that it is Ready to Run Directly from the carton and the overpriced HAS program for so-called waypoints, Where You Decide in advance where to fly on a map. Select the Phantom 2 it is obviously good to expand it with the features you want. You can mount on a separate video link That Reaches much Further and sends the image to your monitor. It is overpriced popular to equip it with altimeter, speedometer and indicator of where it is in relation to you. Some craft stores sell packages That are ready, but be prepared That it requires little setup and calibration, and That you must take help if you ‘re not used to install a gimbal, Which May be required in some packages.

Do not miss: Shot down neighbor drones with shotgun

It appears more and more accessories for the Phantom, including better and higher landing gear for Those Who are afraid of the camera to be jarred When landing. There are overpriced special propeller protection That minimize the danger That someone will get hurt if the hen happens to come too close to the propeller. Phantom is moonrise controlled and it is equipped with GPS, as long as you are careful to the Stored position before it flies away it wont looking back to you. If the battery runs out, the auto land it. Dji’s software definitely overpriced put in airports around the world and there fore it Creates a Virtual Wall that lets you simply can not escape where you do not get. It is a very good feature, but still be careful, all airports are not laid – Bromma ice missing, for example. Phantom is reliable, it is equipped with an electronic gyroscope to your Gopro camera, you get fantastic soft and stable images That are magical. The battery is said to last up to 25 minutes, but it is actually true only for A machine without a camera and a video link. Most people tend to keep it in the air about 15 minutes, depending on optional equipment. Phantom 2 is so easy to control that “anyone” could do it. But simplicity Can Also Be A Danger . It is after all a rather heavy piece you send into the air and it’s foolish to tempt fate. The classic beginner’s mistake Is that you forget That The Right Light Becomes left and vice versa When You Rotated the one turn in the air, and then It is easy to think Wrongly and May run into the tree rather than away from it. Drönarflygning Always Require That you keep wits. What overpriced makes the Phantom into a winner Is that it is so commonplace That it is easy to tinker with it and get spare parts. This is a very good buy. Price: Phantom Vision +, complete with camera, about 10,000 Phantom 2, from 5990 SEK without camera. Complete with accessories for filming and video link up to 15 000, depending on the equipment.

Walkera challenge blockbuster Phantom second

Walkera can fold in and out of their landing gear.
Walkera Scout X4 – challenger

This model from Walkera is brand new and we have not been able to test fly it yet, but we havebeen on the spot When It flies. It is a direct competitor to the Phantom 2 and Walkera have seasoned it with Features That Certainly Is Possible to equip the Phantom, but thatthis included from the beginning. These include “Follow me” Feature That Allows Walkera Scout x4 can follow you Automatically. If you select the variant That HAS Their “ground station” You can draw up predetermined routes on your smartphone or tablet. You can, for example, drawing a circle around a church tower and then flying Walkera Scout X4 Automatically around and catch a nice panning without the need to control it yourself. Walk Eras control HAS BEEN built monitor That Receives the image from the aircraft. Monitoring is alsovery comfortable to hold, and feels more solid than the plastiga diton Phantom 2. Walkera go to buy the camera and then called the Ilook +, a copy of Gopro. For Those Who are hesitant about the camera, you Can Also buy a model with an Treaties Gopro video cable So THAT you can instead use your Gopro camera. A cool feature Is that you can fold up the landing gear. It looks really cool When You start, and spots folded back, but it actually HAS practical too and there is the danger That the places Should happen in the image, They can do sometimes When You’re shooting from a Phantom 2, is sick. The downside Is that the camera hangs more freely and you would get an accident or crash, chances are Greater That it is the camera thatwill take the first hit. Price: From about 8000 without camera up to 15,000 with the camera, Depending on model

Control to the Walkera has built-in monitor for video link. Practical and very smart with everything in one.

Walkera provides an alternative to Gopro. Scary like appearance, a copy simply.
More models Walkera

Small, light and easy to carry, but the simple gimbal camera.

Walkera QR X350 Pro – find the home

This is a model That HAS existed for a while. It is very small and handy. It has like the Phantom 2 and Walk Eras Scout X4 GPS Features That allow it to hold the position and Automatically find homes. Like big sister Scout x4 promise the video transmission of the image on up to two kilometers. There is however one Crucial difference: the electronic gyro camera HAS two engines instead of three, Which Means That it is not as easy to get the image stable. Price: From about 6000 up The Base version to about 8000 crowns with gimbal and camera.

Walkera also has a model with 6 propellers.

6 propellers get more lovely buzz to enjoy.

TaliH500 raise the roof.

Walkera Tali H500 – little kaxigare

This drone HAS six propellers and engines and it makes it more stable, moreover, unlike the small Qr X350 is equipped with a three-axis gimbal to the camera. Landing points are retractable, like the new Scout x4 and it can overpriced be presented programmed to fly around the object Automatically. This is the model for Those Who Want to escape withmore propellers and want a bit larger machine. It’s simply a little kaxigare. Price: Around 8295 crowns without camera, 16.295 crowns with Ilook + camera, ready for Gopro 14.695 crowns. Distributors of Walkera here in Sweden www.minicars.se and overpriced www.carrocar.se

Dji’s Spreading Wings spread really out.

Like an umbrella, it can be fold up for transport.

Here is an electronic gyro stabilizes Panasonic GH4, which can supply the film 4k from air.
Spreading Wings S1000 + – folding

This giant HAS eight arm That can be folded like an umbrella. It lifts the moonrise an SLR, Such as Panasonic GH4 or a Canon 5D Mark III. It makes it as a photo machine naturally deliver better pictures than if you have a craft That only lifts a Gopro. The machine weighs more than four kilograms and May weigh at most eleven kilograms When the lift. The batteries willlast Approximately one quarter. This machine is not something you buy for the children. When the drones comes up in this size, it I will not be fun if you get hit by the propellers and given takeoff weight you do not want it to plunge into the summerhouse or fall down on the hood of your car. We have not flown it, it felt safer so, but Technically it is not really Difficult to drive than a Phantom. It only gets more expensive if you make a mistake and it would go into reverse. The design is, however, rich and can handle it. Those who workwith this model HAS described it as a workhorse. This is the machine for professional filmmakers and for Those Who Want to start mail order through the air. Price: From about 25,000 and up, but then, neither the camera or gimbal. Company: www.dji.com

There are plenty of accessories and spares to buy, especially in Dji offering a wide range of its models.

Checklist for choosing video security systems

Checklist video security systems
in age of Corporate Communications technology
Security cameras are more compact, powerful and have become indispensable in the field of safety technology. When selecting the correct system, various criteria must be observed in order to ultimately find the optimum solution for the requirements.
A 10-point checklist helps.

The planned scope, quality demands of the video hardware, and existing resources – both technical and financial – are important criteria when choosing a video security system. The comparison of analogue and digital systems should give in ten points a decision aid..

1 Planned application intended to reproduce details in high resolution, the video security system, so IP megapixel systems are the right choice. A live image in analog technology, no more than 0.4 megapixels and a recorded image generally only 0.1 megapixels (CIF). A megapixel network camera with 3.1 megapixels records, for example, on the other hand around 30 times more detail. Although analog cameras with a high resolution (4CIF) can record more details, but have problems when playing moving images. If the cameras both day and night record, this must be considered when selecting the cameras. Here offer both CCTV and network cameras corresponding solutions. Are cameras exposed to extreme temperatures in outdoor use, so this is also noted. Advantageously models that have no moving parts and require no additional cooling or heating, as this follow-up costs for operation or maintenance can be avoided. Also, the acoustic monitoring is playing an ever increasing role. In analog systems, however, audio monitoring is only possible if separate audio cables are available. Network cameras with integrated audio contrast drawing audio data, and synchronize it with the video or even integrating it into the same video stream, and then send it for monitoring and / or recording over the network .

2. Existing structures
Due to many places existing IP-based networks in companies is building an IP security system usually relatively simple and inexpensive to accomplish. When setting up IP-based camera systems produced much lower cost than the analog
video transmission over coaxial cable because the necessary infrastructure is often present. For an analog CCTV system on the other hand often only coaxial cables must be laid. A problem and cost factor provides analog cameras is the power supply that needs to be installed separately. IP cameras often use the IEEE 802.3af standard for Power over Ethernet (PoE)..

3. Image Quality Both analog and digital systems provide cameras for various applications and desired image sections. A decisive advantage of mega-pixel systems: Due to the high resolution cameras are less as compared to analog or regular IP systems necessary to capture the desired image areas. The latest lens technology allows even a panoramic view (wall installation) or 360-degree view (ceiling installation). Thus, the security of a space is possible with only a single camera. To avoid high infrastructure costs for recording PC, a corresponding perspective correcting the distortion should be already done by the camera itself..

4. Data Transfer / Bandwidth advantage of analog technology is that they are due to the exclusive transmission path – is independent of the available bandwidth on the network – the will, however, previously constructed mostly needs. This looks at the digital technology usually different. When using multiple IP cameras or at high resolutions in the megapixel range, the creation of a dedicated video network is necessary in many cameras to avoid bandwidth problems. With a high volume of data, the cameras should also support quality- of-service (QoS) to ensure the necessary bandwidth for streaming video and control commands on the network. Another, less bandwidth-demanding route goes decentralized System. Here is located in each camera a high-speed computer and if necessary, digital long-term flash memory (Micro SD card) for several days data recording. This system requires less network bandwidth, because the data is processed in the camera itself and the high-resolution images do not have to be constantly transferred for analysis.

5. Backup / data storage
When analog video security system carried out the recording of the image data today conventionally on a digital video recorder (DVR) or on NAS or SAN systems. The images can be viewed through different screens in real time. These images must be digitized beforehand. The cameras have no built-in memory, go so lost in a failure of the central storage systems data. However, this applies also for network cameras, provided they have no internal memory. Is this available, network failures of a few minutes, a short-term maintenance of network components or even exchanging and rebooting the recording a PC can be bridged without loss of data. Additional memory cards enables the optional storage of recorded video material with a duration of several days..

6 Remote access IP video cameras allow of a hedge from almost anywhere – there is only an Internet connection and an Internet-enabled device required. The same applies to analog systems as long as the image data has been subsequently digitized and transmitted to the network. Advantage of network cameras: Live images can be viewed from any PC with internet access in real time, while also searches are possible simultaneously. A network camera can get all sorts of instructions from afar and are updated as needed with new software. For example, the camera is rotated, panned and tilted and zoomed. The resolution and digital zoom are remotely controlled. There also exist systems solutions that use the worldwide standard SIP telephony. This makes it possible to trigger a call to a predefined phone number in case of alarm..

7 Expandability When retrofitting and upgrading of video systems with CCTV cameras can use existing coaxial cable installations to be used – under the assumption that the system requirements cable attenuation / cable length with respect fulfilled. Often when moving an analog camera coaxial cable must be re-laid – a network camera only requires a network connection.

8. Security
A secure transmission of image data from security cameras is of eminent importance. For analog cameras, the video signal via the coaxial cable without authentication or encryption is transmitted. Therefore, these signals can easily be diverted or replaced. With network cameras video transmission is carried out using data encryption, which ensures the fact that data can not be accessed without permission or even replaced and manipulated. There is even the possibility to counter hacking attacks using encrypted certificates. Even encrypted watermarks can be embedded in the video stream, which contain information about images, times, locations, users, and / or alarms for generating an evidence trail..

9 Returns If an IP infrastructure is already installed, network Video -systems are generally less expensive than the acquisition of an analog system anchored by a DVR. For analog systems absolutely necessary multiplexers and VCRs omitted because these functions takes over the network. Servicing the system is very rarely necessary – again, a lot of time and especially money is saved. This is true but only under the condition that the existing network is not disturbed by the resulting network load of video data or even fails. But if many IP cameras are planned, companies should also plan for safety reasons, a separate network exclusively for video application. Must be re-routed because of this cable, the statement “true” simpler “and cheaper for digital systems rather than dispensing services. An exception is the decentralized system in which the data is processed in the camera itself and the high-resolution images do not have to be constantly transferred for analysis. Here the network is loaded only slightly even with a large number of megapixel cameras.

10th Future planning
Shall security systems to be expanded in the future or integrated with other digital applications, so network video solutions are the first choice. Only with these systems is the ability to integrate third-party systems such as fire or burglar alarm systems, building management and access control. Analog systems do not offer this facility it.

Hotels Security Experts Consulting

Hotel security RoomHotels Security Experts Consulting
Guards Training
security Cameras and Access control
Security Rooms
Security Officers training

The hotel industry are thriving towards increasing demands of their guests from all over the world. Hotels must meet the increased need for security of their guests invoice and at the same time preserve their individuality and hospitality. A major challenge, as specialist for hotel security to assist guests with Security.

Hotel Security should provides sophisticated and complex services, from the technically sound design to service by specially trained personnel. As a result, the company is a modern service, the customers in the demanding hospitality industry can always provide a customized solution.

As a longtime high quality solutions security experts work with renowned hotels. Two ideas are central: Maintaining a high standard of service, confidentiality and discretion towards guests and, secondly, the combination of these values with the highest level of discreet security. world wide security experts specialized personnel for service and safety in hotels of all categories successfully. Our range of products and customized solutions set standards. The hotel can fully concentrate on his core business and the guest feels secure in all areas and secure. For security experts has experience in the international hotel industry in the concepts.
Securtiy experts providing services in Hong Kong , Mumbai, Singapore.

BIOCAM 300 Standalone Face Recognition IP Camera

Biocam300 IP face recognition cameraBIOCAM 300 Standalone Face Recognition IP Camera

BIOCAM 300 is a Standalone Face Recognition IP Camera. With a set of 4 IR LED’s, can be used day and night. ZK biocam 300 has an embedded hardware module for face recognition algorithm which can recognize faces from relatively long distance; between 2.5 and 4 meters and different user heights, includes remote control and has a color screen display .The IP camera device records information of the face and the result of real-time monitoring. Handling and simple, has a very intuitive interface.
With a dual CPU architecture , the camera can independently register, recognizes and transmits of data over the network. Stores up to 400 records and performs face recognition while monitoring.
BIOCAM 300 is a 3 in 1 solution; including video surveillance, access control and time and attendance. It can be used in multiple areas of security and customs, airports, i? Ts, banks, supermarkets, hotels, VIP areas, parking lots, etc.

biocam300 installation


Bitcoin VPN For those who Really want to be anonymous

For those who really want to be anonymous on the web, choose a VPN provider which accepts Bitcoin as a payment option. The payment is completely anonymous and no personal details are required to buy the service or to checkout

So far, there are few Bitcoin VPN provider – but by the ever-growing demand for anonymous transaction and the ever escalating surveillance of all citizens by governments and hackers more and more VPN providers decide to accept Bitcoin as payment.


Snoopy Wifi An open Source Wifi Sniffer

snoopy-wifi-droneSnoopy Wifi An open Source Wifi Sniffer Free software makes drones to wireless sniffers The hacking tool Snoopy-NG detects and visualizes all the possible data types, including wireless probes of mobile devices. It allows you to create motion profiles and contact. If you run the software mounted on a drone, it works over longer distances. During the presentation at the Defcon hacker conference 22 Glenn Wilkinson demonstrated the latest version of the open source software Snoopy-NG. based on Python plugins it receives signals from sources such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, NFC, RFID and ZigBee from portable devices such as cameras, smartphones, tablets and wearables and correlates them on request. To increase the range you can mount Snoopy-NG (snoopy wifi), according to Wilkinson ,on a small drone from: Installed on a BeagleBoard or a Black Raspberry Pi, the hardware is ultra lightweight, battery-powered station. The sniffer software Snoopy-NG AKA snoopy wifi runs with almost any hardware on which runs Linux
The tool also established network with local network name and attracts the devices automatically to connect identifying , in the case of: A proxy can intercept all the data and by injected JavaScript into web pages create accurate profiles of the devices. On request passes Snoopy-NG data collected automatically to the analysis and forensics software Maltego. This link resourceful contemporaries the logged records: if a particular MAC address is in radio range. Snoopy-NG also acts as an airborne hacking tool:
the software additionally collects usernames and passwords of SSL / TLS secure logins.

snoopy wifi client interface

snoopy wi fi client interface


Apple smart home is taking shape, with iBeacon

ibeaconillustrationIn last year’s WWDC 2013 Developers Conference, Apple introduced iOS 7 operating system in addition, it also had a a side show called “iBeacon” short-range wireless communications technology. In this year’s WWDC conference, Apple also highlighted the technology. In recent days, the first iBeacon hardware device finally approved by the FCC

“iBeacon” is short-range wireless communications technology based on minimal 5v power signal using bluetooth 4.0 protocol
Last year made Apple wireless technology for iBeacon tested the , such as in their own retail stores and large chain stores such as Wal-Mart. In the just-concluded WWDC 2014,

By FCC data shows that Apple iBeacon wireless hardware devices using a 5V power supply, the main operating frequency at 2.4Ghz. It seems Apple will implement wireless devices based iBeacon own smart home HomeKit equipment.

The iBeacon communicates with up to 31-byte packets to other ibeacons devices of 128-bit. the range of communication depending the area conditions and transmission antennas up to 50 m can your iphone your ideal universal remote