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The hotel industry are thriving towards increasing demands of their guests from all over the world. Hotels must meet the increased need for security of their guests invoice and at the same time preserve their individuality and hospitality. A major challenge, as specialist for hotel security to assist guests with Security.

Hotel Security should provides sophisticated and complex services, from the technically sound design to service by specially trained personnel. As a result, the company is a modern service, the customers in the demanding hospitality industry can always provide a customized solution.

As a longtime high quality solutions security experts work with renowned hotels. Two ideas are central: Maintaining a high standard of service, confidentiality and discretion towards guests and, secondly, the combination of these values with the highest level of discreet security. world wide security experts specialized personnel for service and safety in hotels of all categories successfully. Our range of products and customized solutions set standards. The hotel can fully concentrate on his core business and the guest feels secure in all areas and secure. For security experts has experience in the international hotel industry in the concepts.
Securtiy experts providing services in Hong Kong , Mumbai, Singapore.

BIOCAM 300 Standalone Face Recognition IP Camera

Biocam300 IP face recognition cameraBIOCAM 300 Standalone Face Recognition IP Camera

BIOCAM 300 is a Standalone Face Recognition IP Camera. With a set of 4 IR LED’s, can be used day and night. ZK biocam 300 has an embedded hardware module for face recognition algorithm which can recognize faces from relatively long distance; between 2.5 and 4 meters and different user heights, includes remote control and has a color screen display .The IP camera device records information of the face and the result of real-time monitoring. Handling and simple, has a very intuitive interface.
With a dual CPU architecture , the camera can independently register, recognizes and transmits of data over the network. Stores up to 400 records and performs face recognition while monitoring.
BIOCAM 300 is a 3 in 1 solution; including video surveillance, access control and time and attendance. It can be used in multiple areas of security and customs, airports, i? Ts, banks, supermarkets, hotels, VIP areas, parking lots, etc.

biocam300 installation


Bitcoin VPN For those who Really want to be anonymous

For those who really want to be anonymous on the web, choose a VPN provider which accepts Bitcoin as a payment option. The payment is completely anonymous and no personal details are required to buy the service or to checkout

So far, there are few Bitcoin VPN provider – but by the ever-growing demand for anonymous transaction and the ever escalating surveillance of all citizens by governments and hackers more and more VPN providers decide to accept Bitcoin as payment.


Snoopy Wifi An open Source Wifi Sniffer

snoopy-wifi-droneSnoopy Wifi An open Source Wifi Sniffer Free software makes drones to wireless sniffers The hacking tool Snoopy-NG detects and visualizes all the possible data types, including wireless probes of mobile devices. It allows you to create motion profiles and contact. If you run the software mounted on a drone, it works over longer distances. During the presentation at the Defcon hacker conference 22 Glenn Wilkinson demonstrated the latest version of the open source software Snoopy-NG. based on Python plugins it receives signals from sources such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, NFC, RFID and ZigBee from portable devices such as cameras, smartphones, tablets and wearables and correlates them on request. To increase the range you can mount Snoopy-NG (snoopy wifi), according to Wilkinson ,on a small drone from: Installed on a BeagleBoard or a Black Raspberry Pi, the hardware is ultra lightweight, battery-powered station. The sniffer software Snoopy-NG AKA snoopy wifi runs with almost any hardware on which runs Linux
The tool also established network with local network name and attracts the devices automatically to connect identifying , in the case of: A proxy can intercept all the data and by injected JavaScript into web pages create accurate profiles of the devices. On request passes Snoopy-NG data collected automatically to the analysis and forensics software Maltego. This link resourceful contemporaries the logged records: if a particular MAC address is in radio range. Snoopy-NG also acts as an airborne hacking tool:
the software additionally collects usernames and passwords of SSL / TLS secure logins.

snoopy wifi client interface

snoopy wi fi client interface


Apple smart home is taking shape, with iBeacon

ibeaconillustrationIn last year’s WWDC 2013 Developers Conference, Apple introduced iOS 7 operating system in addition, it also had a a side show called “iBeacon” short-range wireless communications technology. In this year’s WWDC conference, Apple also highlighted the technology. In recent days, the first iBeacon hardware device finally approved by the FCC

“iBeacon” is short-range wireless communications technology based on minimal 5v power signal using bluetooth 4.0 protocol
Last year made Apple wireless technology for iBeacon tested the , such as in their own retail stores and large chain stores such as Wal-Mart. In the just-concluded WWDC 2014,

By FCC data shows that Apple iBeacon wireless hardware devices using a 5V power supply, the main operating frequency at 2.4Ghz. It seems Apple will implement wireless devices based iBeacon own smart home HomeKit equipment.

The iBeacon communicates with up to 31-byte packets to other ibeacons devices of 128-bit. the range of communication depending the area conditions and transmission antennas up to 50 m can your iphone your ideal universal remote

thermal imaging camera module

thermal imaging camera moduleThermal modul cameraThermal Imaging Camera Module with 35mm Lens

The high performance Thermal camera is available as a single thermal module designed to be embedded in your own housing This high performance unit can be used in all situations that a normal visible camera cannot resolve. They are ideal for high-end security applications including perimeter surveillance, search & rescue, port & marine security, border patrol, electrical inspection & energy conservation.
8 ∼ 14µm
High Resolution, High Sensitivity (40mK NETD)
35mm Lens or 20mm
Extended Microbolometer Thermal Imaging Technology
Built-in TEC?(Thermo Electric Cooler)
5 Step AGC Function


detector uncooled FPA uncooled FPA
resolution 160*120





pixel pitch 25μm 17μm
lens 5mm,9mm,13mm,19mm,


start time 6s 3s
electrnoic zoom 384*288, 2X

640*480, 2X,4X,8X

384*288, 2X640*480, 2X,4X,8X
size 160*120,& 384*288, 48.5*49*51mm

640*480 , 69*58*57 mm

44.5*44.5*37.5 mm

44.5*44.5*43.25 mm


Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition red by Schneider Electric

ARDrone2Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition red by Schneider Electric

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition Red Quadrocopter RTF incl camera

New matte housing
36 minutes flight with two HC batteries
Installed black propellers
Set with extra propellers in various colors

Stronger and more beautiful: Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 and Power Edition with a new design and power batteries.

Experience the limited AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition in extraordinary design and extra accessories! Thanks to body parts in matt black and propellers in 3 different colors, the drone can be designed individually. The two new power battery, you can enjoy a flight duration up to 36 minutes!

Intuitive piloting through Smartphone/tablet control
Automatic stabilization system for assisted control for indoor and outdoor flight
Live video streaming and HD video recording
36 minutes of flying time
2 HD Batteries included

AR Drone 2.0 black
Two powerful batteries
4 black propellers
3 sets with extra propellers in various colors
1 indoor enclosure with black hull
1 outdoor housing with black hull
1 tool for propellers.

scope of delivery

AR Drone 2.0 black
3 sets with extra propellers in various colors
Indoor housing
Outdoor Enclosure
1 tool

Dahua hdb3300 3 Mega Pixel IR Water and Vandal Proof

HDB3300 face and license plate recognition NightVision Surveillance Camera

Dahua hdb3300 3 Mega Pixel IR Water and Vandal Proof


 3.0 Megapixel SONY progressive
scan Exmor CMOS image sensor
 High-performance TI Da Vinci series DSP
 H.264 Video compression and JPEG image capture
 15fps at 3.0M (2048×1536) and 25/30 fps at 1080P resolution
 Dual encoding streams supported
 Support ICR true Day/Night
 Built-in 4.5 ~ 10mm/F1.6 CS Auto Iris Lens
 Built-in high performance IR LEDs (10~20m)
 Support Alarm I/O, RS485 interface
 Support up to 32GB Micro SD card for local storage
 Support DC12V/AC24V dual power supply, PoE
 IK 10-rated Vandal-proof & IP66 Water-proof
 Built-in web server, NVR, CMS(PSS/DSS) & DMSS
Model VOSDH-MPC3300-VP
Processor TI DaVinci Series DSP
Operating System Embedded LINUX
Resource Simultaneous remote monitoring, local recording and remote control
User Interface WEB, CMS(DSS/PSS), DMSS, NVR
Image Sensor 1/2.8” 3.0 Megapixel Sony progressive scan Exmor CMOS
Effective Pixels 2096(H) x 1561(V)
Electronic Shutter Auto/Manual, 1/50 ~ 1/10000s
Mini Illumination 0.2 Lux/F1.6 (Colour), 0.01 Lux / F1.6 (B+W), 0Lux (IR On)
Signal Noise Ratio ˃50dB
Gain Control Auto/Manual
White Balance Auto/Manual
Day/Night ICR
Lens CS Mount, Auto Iris, 4.5~10mm/F1.6
Video Compression H.264/MJPEG
Image Resolution 3.0M(2048×1536) / 1080P(1920×1080) / 720P(1280×720) / D1(704×576) /
Encoding Speed 3M(1~15fps) + D1(1~25fps)
1080P/720P (1~25fps) + D1(1-25fps)
Bit Rate 160K ~ 8Mbps
Snapshot Fastest 1fps JPEG capture
Video Format PAL/NTSC
Analogue Video Output 1 channel BNC (1.0Vp-p, 75Ω) you can Monitor, PTZ control, Playback, System setting, File download, Log information, Maintenance & Upgrade through remote device via the net work


2CD854F-EW Mobile Face Recognition NEC Solution

neoface 2CD854F-EW Mobile Face Recognition NEC Solution

Mobile Face Recognition NEC Solution based on Hikvison DS-2CD854F-EW  standard H.264 or motion jpeg streaming IP camera.

  1. • 1/2.5’’ progressive scan CMOS
    • Up to 3 megapixel resolution
    • Full HD 1080P real time video
    • H.264 / MPEG4 / MJPEG video compression
    • True day / night
    • Two-way audio
    • PoE
    • Wi-Fi optional